Construcciones Rodriguez Lujan belongs to a group of companies which LUJÁN RODRIGUEZ GROUP carries out its work in the construction sector. The other companies of the group are:

Carpintería Sánchez Aguilar Ltd, which commercial name is Carpinsa is entirely dedicated to the carpentry. Operating in the field of restoration, carpentry the realization of civil works and the manufacture of furniture and equipment for private homes as closets, bedrooms and fully equipped kitchens.
B.Y.D. Construction Materials, is dedicated to the wholesaling and retailing trade  of all sorts of building materials, especially aggregates mortar, cement,  blocks, etc.
Transportes Cerrillal, Ltd, is a company dedicated to freight transport by road and the realization of all types of disassembly, excavation and earth moving and the renting of small machinery and containers construction´s debris. Being registered as an authorized residues collection and transport non-hazardous construction and demolition operator.
Reciclaje de Escombros Canarias, (REC) which trade name is Reciclaje de Escombros Canarias REC is a company dedicated to the recycling of construction and demolition waste (CDW) and sale of recycled aggregates, being registered as non-hazardous waste authorized operator..
Compañia Artesanal de Canterías Arucas, Ltd., known by  Cantería de Arucas, having as a social objetive to the extraction, processing and marketing of ornamental stones, typically Canarian volcanic origin. It develops the entire spectrum of work, from consultancy, design, manufacturing, installation and Restoration of natural stone. It exploits quarries Arucas Ayagaures and Tefía Bermeja, which is the exclusive producer. The factory and sales offices are located in the sn Lomo Leon Thomas. Arucas


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