Restoration and Rehabilitation

Construcciones Rodríguez Luján has the highest classification category for Restoration of Historical Artistic Monuments. That justifies that the company has executed and has continued to make a large number of works of this type of works It should be noted: The Cathedral of Santa Ana, the Church of San Pedro Martir of Telde Mata Castle, Dome of San Francisco de Borja, Literary Cabinet, etc.


The Works for implementation with the involvement of the use of skilled labor as it can be master masons, carpenters, wood carvers, etc… Hence Construcciones Rodriguez Lujan, with a highly professionalism, respecting the idiosyncrasies of each property, acting noninvasively, working always with the materials and knowledge appropriate process to each project  characterized by its perfect finish and  high quality of them.


The Restoration and the rehabilitation are one of the main specialties of the company.

Empresa del Grupo Rodríguez Luján